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Five books about the Honeywell/Hunnewell genealogy have been privately published by family members.

Hunnewell, Chiefly Six Generations in Massachusetts
by James Frothingham Hunnewell, 1900
This book is the earliest work on the Hunnewell family started by the father of the author. It discusses a trip through the Devonshire countryside in an attempt to collect family origins. Although it accurately depicts five of the generations, it incorrectly identifies Roger, rather than Ambrose Hunnewell as the progenitor of this line.
The book is hard-cover, 46 pages, indexed. It is out of print. You can order a photocopy made from a copy at the Honeywell Family Association.

The American Descendants of Samuel Honeywell of Bideford, Devonshire, England, Lost at Sea in 1823
by Samuel Willet Honeywell, 1971
Samuel Honeywell (ca. 1785-1823) is the progenitor of this line. He was a merchant seaman who sailed the Seven Seas and who lost his life in attempting to go around Cape Horn. He was survived by his wife and four small children, who lived in Bideford, Devonshire, England. Eventually his children all came to America. This charming book, published in 1971, is complete with family stories and photographs. The book is hard-cover, 202 pages, indexed.
The Honeywell Family Association has the remaining stock from the first printing. These books are available at $25.00 USD for members, $35.00 USD to non-members and you can order a copy from the Association.

The Descendants of Roger and Ambrose Hunnewell (Honeywell)
by James M. Hunnewell and Samuel Willet Honeywell, 1972
This book was begun by James Melville Hunnewell, a Boston attorney and a life-long member of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society (NEHGS). In 1929, he mounted a major research effort to locate descendants of Roger and Ambrose Hunnewell. James died in 1954, his work unpublished and in storage at NEHGS. In 1953, Samuel Willet Honeywell, resumed this work and published in 1972. The resulting book is a very comprehensive genealogy of American and Canadian Honeywell families. It is hard-cover, 275 pages. Available only to members on line.

The Descendants of Israel Hunnewell
by Neil Otis Hunnewell, 1996
This book expands on the descendants of Thomas Hunnewell, who were only partially covered on page 251-55 in the book, The Descendants of Roger and Ambrose Hunnewell (Honeywell). It offers a theory on their possible relationship to Richard Hunnewell, "The Indian Killer."
The book is available at $20.00 USD, $25.00 Canadian, $30.00 USD for overseas. Order directly from Neil O. Hunnewell, RR 4, Box 1315, Madison, ME 04950-9406 U.S.A.

Pleasant Ridge Plantation, "The Way Life Used To Be"
by Robert Ercel Hunnewell, 2001
The 237-page spiral bound book includes lots of photos and a five-page appendix of Robert's ancestors. The book contains many copies of original family documents. This book is recommended to anyone interested in family history, and the "way life used to be." Copies may be ordered at $22.50 ppd. from

    Essie Hunnewell Golden
    PO Box 644
    Bingham, ME 04920-0644
    tel. 207-672-9331

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