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Index of articles in Honeywell Heritage

Newsletters 1996 onward accessible by current members only with username and password. Please contact Parks Honeywell for username and password or instructions on how to join.


Vol 1, No 1-Winter 1994
    From Hobby to Association
    First Annual Reunion
    Honeywell Family Books
    Computer Age List
    Plans to Update History
    Are You THE Honeywell?
    Roger Hunnewell, Pioneer
    Not for Honeywells Only
Vol 2, No 1-Spring 1995
    Richard, Indian fighter
    Honeywell place names
    Where are we now?
    Ancestor hunt
    Freeman report
    Farms of Devonshire
Vol 2, No 2-Summer 1995
    Sons of the Revolution
    Israel Honeywell
    Ancestor hunt
    Honeywell heraldry
    Reunion plans
    Massacre Pond
    Hunnewell, Missouri
    The Boston Tea Party
Vol 2, No 3-Fall 1995
    The Hawaiian trader
    John Honeywell
    Hunnewell anthropologist
    Family Patriots
    Honeywell/Hunnewell families reunion
    Rice Honeywell; patriot, speculator
Vol 2, No 4-Winter 1995
    Ambrose Hunnewell
    A visit to Hunnewell Point
    More Rice Honeywells
    First anniversary report
    Ancient Honeywell farms
    Gravesite revisited
    Red Beans and Rice
    Second Annual Reunion
Vol 3, No 1-Spring 1996 (Adobe pdf)
    Personalizing history
    Horatio Hollis Hunnewell
    Witch trial
    Honeywell place names
    Queen Anne's War ends
    Protestation Returns, 1641
    Dr. David Smith Hunnewell
    Honeywell Academy
Vol 3, No 2-Summer 1996 (Adobe pdf)
    Mary Spofford's Kin
    Prince Edward Island doctor
    Plymouth Colony Honeywell
    Devon Family History Society
    We're on the Internet
    Honeywell "Living Book"
    Family drug dealers
Vol 3, No 3-Fall 1996 (Adobe pdf)
    The Honnywill Diary
    Annual Picnic/Reunion
    Family homepage a success
    Captive Captain Honeywell
    James R. Honeywell
    Devon Family History Society
Vol 3, No 4-Winter 1996 (Adobe pdf)
    The Honnywill Diary (Part 2)
    The twins of Johanna Nason
    Thomas line book available
    Maine reunion in 1997
    Jesse Franklin Honeywell
    Heritage Index
    Continental Army Officers
    Welcome to the New World
    Annual Picnic/Reunion
Vol 4, No 1-Spring 1997 (Adobe pdf)
    HFA enters third year
    Circle H Ranch
    The Honnywill Diary (Part 3)
Vol 4, No 2-Summer 1997 (Adobe pdf)
    HFA Maine Reunion
    Clinton P. Honeywell
    Honneywill Diary (Part 4)
Vol 4, No 3-Fall 1997 (Adobe pdf)
    Honeywell slave holders?
    New Yorker in the Revolution
    The Honnywill Diary (Part 5)
    Stay at Honeywill's house
    Maine reunion agenda
    Honeywell House for sale
Vol 4, No 4-Winter 1997 (Adobe pdf)
    Maine reunion a success
    Honewell's Neck
    The Bytown Museum
    Honeywells in the news
Vol 5, No 1-Spring 1998 (Adobe pdf)
    Matthias Honeywell, Revolutionary War patriot
    Lost treasure
Vol 5, No 2-Summer 1998 (Adobe pdf)
    Generic family histories
    The Delaware connection
    Genealogist's Lament
    Free stuff
Vol 5, No 3-Fall 1998 (Adobe pdf)
    The Honeywells of Delaware County, NY
    James W. Honeywell retires
    Spelling lesson
Vol 5, No 4-Winter 1998 (Adobe pdf)
    The Hunnewells on Vacation at "The Glades"
    January 1999 gathering
    Bounty land grants
    The Hunniwell Boys Adventure Books
Vol 6, No 1-Spring 1999 (Adobe pdf)
    SAR Revolutionary War Graves Register
    Barnabas Hunnewell jailed
    Belated birthday greeting
    Sick humor
    More Hunniwell Boys Books
    Family reunited
    HFA trains LDS
    January open house
    Melbourne, Florida luncheon
    Roger & Ambrose sold out
Vol 6, No 2-Summer 1999 (Adobe pdf)
    Honeywell family genetic study
    The Legend of Honeywell
Vol 6, No 3-4-Fall/Winter 1999 (Adobe pdf)
    Israel Honeywell 4th, enforcer
    Captured by Indians
    Spelling lesson part 2
    Another Devon visit
Vol 7, No 1-Spring 2000 (Adobe pdf)
    Book Review
    Honeywells of England other than Devonshire
    (ca 1550-1650)
Vol 7, No 2-Summer 2000 (Adobe pdf)
    Wellesley horticulturist
    HFA meets Honeywell exec
    Match the Honeywells puzzle
    Addiction Test
    Funny Honeywell stories
    Book review
    Reunion 2000
Vol 7, No 3-Fall 2000 (Adobe pdf)
    Scholarship awarded (Matthew Honeywell)
    William Rinaldo Hunnewell
    Funny Honeywell stories
    Burials in National Cemeteries
    Family data on CD-ROM
    Book review
Vol 7, No 4-Winter 2000 (Adobe pdf)
    Maine's St. George one of two first English settlements
    Ambrose Hunnewell
    Fort St. George uncovered
    The Virginia of Sagadahoc
    Serving after 225 years
    Hunnewell places
Vol 8, No 1-Spring 2001 (Adobe pdf)
    The Portland Club, 1805 Richard Hunnewell home
    Richard Hunnewell, High Sheriff
    Hunnewill Hall for Women
    Book review
Vol 8, No 2- Summer 2001 (Adobe pdf)
    The three progenitors
    Most popular names
Vol 8, No 3-Fall 2001 (Adobe pdf)
    Building medical pedigrees
    1892 Canadian celebration
    Clive Cussler receives honor
    Index of articles
Vol 9, No 1-Spring 2002 (Adobe pdf)
    "Dean of U.S. balloonists"
    William Honeywell
    Hail Caesar
    James Stuart Hunnewell retires from Navy
Vol 9, No 2-Summer 2002 (Adobe pdf)
    Gen. Thomas W. Honeywill
    Roger & Ambrose unrelated?
    Family reunion picnic
    The way life used to be
    Old English news

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